'Relation filters' not yet implemented?

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'Relation filters' not yet implemented? schellmax 8/21/12 1:19 AM
there's a section in the docs on the datamodel taking about relation filters, see http://doc.silverstripe.org/framework/en/topics/datamodel
unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work as described.
see the following forum posts on this:
the second post (it's in german, sorry) proposes that this functionality is not (yet?) implemented.
can anyone confirm this? 
is there a way to mark this section as 'not implemented yet' in the docs (aside from commenting in the disqus widget)?
Re: 'Relation filters' not yet implemented? Uncle Cheese 8/21/12 6:37 PM
No, those aren't implemented yet.
Re: [silverstripe-dev] 'Relation filters' not yet implemented? Ingo Schommer 8/22/12 7:30 AM
I've removed the section from the docs, to avoid confusion.
There's already a ticket to implement the feature,
at which point we can re-add the docs:

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Re: [silverstripe-dev] 'Relation filters' not yet implemented? schellmax 8/22/12 7:36 AM
that's perfect, thanks!