latin1 tables?

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latin1 tables? Uncle Cheese 9/7/12 1:21 PM
SS3 builds all my tables in latin1 encoding. How do I make it UTF-8? And will that garble all my existing data?
Re: latin1 tables? Marcus Dalgren 9/7/12 2:15 PM
If I remember correctly SS creates all the tables in the default encoding for the database or the table if they differ (latin1 is often the setting if you don't change it).
However all fields that really use the encoding (like text/varchar fields) get utf8 encoding. AFAIK the database/table encoding is just a default value that's used to set table/field encoding if it's omitted when the tables/fields are created and doesn't actually affect the data. So the answer to your second question is no, your data should not get garbled if you change the default encoding of the db or the tables.

Explanation is here for db:
And here for tables: