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UploadField::isSaveable() Uncle Cheese 8/31/12 6:11 AM
When I use the "From Files" feature on an unsaved record, I get a "Forbidden" error. This is because UploadField::managesRelation() returns false, and that can be traced back to $this->form->getRecord() returning null.

Looking more carefully at the API, this should never happen because an UploadField shouldn't render when IsSavable is false.

But the isSaveable() function is curious. 

return (!$record || !$this->managesRelation() || $record->exists());

It's the first two conditions that really get me. Shouldn't it be the opposite?
Re: [silverstripe-dev] UploadField::isSaveable() Sigurd Magnusson 8/31/12 3:50 PM
Better still, save file to temp folder and link it/move it upon save. User friendly.


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