officially live!

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Hello everybody,

Its been a long time coming, but is finally ready for action,
and replaces the old module system. The new site will make managing listings
a lot easier for module authors, and provides an easier installation and dependency
management experience for developers.

The "engine" behind is the Composer dependency manager,
so any modules and themes need to be converted into a composer package to show up.
Thankfully, this conversion just means adding a JSON file to your project.

If you're a module maintainer on, we'll email you some
instructions tailored to your module in the next hours.
Many modules have already been converted. 
Here's a list of all unconverted modules (in red). 

In order to get listed, modules and themes should be registered on,
the central repository for Composer. Our addons site will automatically
pick it up from there within a few minutes.

As an effect of this migration, we're dropping support for manually
uploaded modules, you need to have them in version control (both git and svn work).

We'd like to give a huge thank you to Andrew Short (@ajshort), who has
written most of the addons website logic, as well as Vikas Srivastava (@openbees)
for laying the groundwork during his GSOC 2012 project, and
his continued contributions to the effort. Our thanks also goes to
Jeremy Bridson (@jbridson) for the base theme. You guys rock!

We have lots of good ideas on how to improve the addons website.
The codebase is on github, and of course we're looking for contributors.
Feel free to check out the existing issues there. Its an exciting
opportunity to shape the SilverStripe ecosystem.