Cookies and the EU

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Cookies and the EU Marcus Nyeholt 7/20/12 12:08 AM

I'm referring to the legislation across the EU related to how cookies need to be managed. How have people been adhering to legislation, and have there been any hiccups because of how SilverStripe does its thing under the covers?

(not directly a core issue, but has potential impact due to the nature of the legislation so figured I'd ask here in case someone's considered it from a lower level)


Re: Cookies and the EU swaiba 7/20/12 8:30 AM
Been discussing it here...

I'm hopeful  jpmcc  is going to release his solution as a module
Re: [silverstripe-dev] Re: Cookies and the EU mattclegg 7/20/12 9:58 AM
I personally prefer a less intrusive solution when only using analytics like:


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Matt Clegg

--Easiest way to deal with new EU cookie law when your site has google analytics. Just create a link to