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happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/14/12 4:29 AM
hi friends,

i am happy to inform you that my student, Arunadevi, (blind) will be visiting Australia, in the fourth week of November, 2012.

She has been invited by the Sydney University to participate in a Women's Conference.

She is the same Arunadevi who attended a conference in the USA last year.

You can see the detailed information in the attachment.

Wish her good luck.

Re: happy news nelson's view 11/14/12 6:11 AM
Please convey our best wishes to  your student Arunadevi.. 
Congratulation to you too!!!!

Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news Mani 11/14/12 6:55 AM
Congrats to the student and the proud teacher.
Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/14/12 7:10 AM
thank you, Mani

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 8:25 PM, Subramanian Sivaramakrishnan <drman...@gmail.com> wrote:
Congrats to the student and the proud teacher.

Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news Ravi 11/14/12 8:24 AM
Great News. Pl. congratulate her!!


Re: happy news rajalakshmi patrachari 11/14/12 8:53 AM
Hi Kalyani,
First of all congrats to the proud teacher and ofcourse our best wishes to ur student. It feels really great to know that our student is going to a foreign nation that too at the invitation of the local university to attend a conference. Congrtats once again to u and wishes to ur student
Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news GK 11/14/12 9:14 AM
It is always natural for a mother to take pride in the achievements of her child and she feels she owns the laurels bestowed upon her child. Same is case with a teacher against her students. I can see the same joy and enthusiasm in your above words Kalyani and we are all happy to see these. Kalyani, congratulations on your achievements and that too achieved through the special students.

G Krishnan
Contact 094449 07493 for
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Trichi, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam

Re: happy news KRISH 11/14/12 8:08 PM
Dear Kalyani,
Great News.Congratulation to you  and your student Arunadevi. Best of Luck To Arunadevi. 

with kind regards

Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/14/12 8:57 PM
dear Ravi, Raji, GK, Krish, Nelson, Mani & others

Thank you very much for your best wishes.

I will pass on your blessings to Arunadevi.

she will be happy when I share this with her.


Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] happy news Ganes(h)an 11/15/12 12:13 AM

Congratulations are due to the Teacher and the Taught.

It is indeed a proud achievement to you and Ms.Arunadevi.

I wish Ms.Arunadevi all success for her forthcoming visit to Sydney.

I also wish that your other student(s) also get similar invites in the near future.




Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/15/12 12:39 AM
thank you Ganesan

i will pass on your message to Arunadevi.


Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] happy news Shanta 11/15/12 8:47 AM
Dear Kalyani
Congratulations to you (as a mentor) and to Ms. Arunadevi for her impending visit to Sydney. No small achievement this is and much of the effort towards grooming her to this stage goes to you.

I think this must be the same  girl we met during our earlier MMF when we congratulated her for her upcoming US travel. We listened to your (blind) students then with awe and felt how greatness in thoughts and deeds can be hidden within such simplicity that you depict Kalyani. Each student who attended the event then told us how they got inspired by your coaching and guidance, how they got self-confidence is pursuing their onward path through your advice and support. The invisible pillar called 'Mouliji' stood silently with a shy yet proud smile. Many visually challenged students also talked highly of him and his assistance in making them conversant with handling their bank-work and other finance related matters. What an extraordinary couple you make... Kalyani and Mouliji. Hats off to you two.

Please convey to Ms. Arunadevi, our since wishes for  her successful travel to Sydney, excellent participation in the Conference and a bright future ahead. Our wishes are also for similar exposure to more students from your fold!!

Shanta and Mohan
Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/16/12 3:32 AM
dear Shanta,

your mails are always a morale-booster.

I do not think we deserve so much praise for what we are doing for our students.

In fact, what WE LEARN from them is more than what they learn from us.

They just need a push; then sky is the limit for them.

Yes, she is the same girl who went to US. and the one who you met during MMF.

I will convey your best wishes to her.


happy news Prema Balasubramaniam 11/16/12 7:30 AM
Kalyani, after a long gap I happened to see this mail of yours! Its overwhelming! Nothing is more rewarding for  a teacher than the success  of the student! Your soulful commitment is reaping success. All the best to u and your student Arundathi!
Re: happy news ambujchinu 11/16/12 9:32 AM
due to excessive working in computer  i have developed pains in my fingers once again. decided to give some rest. but i have to respond to this mail . it s great feat for a teacher
"sah-na bhavatu, sah-nau bhunaktu;
sah viryam karvavahe,
tejasvinav adhitam-astu
maa vidhvishawahe
OM shanti shanti shanti"

sah: co, both, together
nau: literally it means nine, but it is used for 'all' , 'us' etc; e.g navratn .
avatu: may 'he' protect
bhunaktu: may 'he' nourish
viryam: capacity, ability to,
karvavahe: may we acquire
tejasvi-nau (tejasvinav): be brilliant
adhitam: what is learned/studied.
astu: may it happen
maa : 'maa' has been used to refer to the one who is soft and loving and takes care of all of ours. 'vidhvi
vidhvishawahe: may we not argue with each other in the process of learning.
shanti shanti shanti: and let there be peace peace and only peace.

I don't have the guts to even try to elaborate on the meaning of 'OM', so I've intentionally left it untouched. .
Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/17/12 1:47 AM
dear Cheenu,
it is nice of you to respond to my mail in spite of your discomfort.
thank you so much.

<<  Sahana Bhavathu...........>>>

I have been chanting this sloka all these years without knowing the meaning. 
your mail kindled my curiosity and I googled and found the meaning for the same.

When i read and realised its beauty, i felt ashamed of myself for not knowing it all these years.
however, as we say, it is never too late to learn anything, i am happy that at least now I know it .
thank you cheenu.

I would like to share my joy with all our friends. (of course, many of you must be knowing this already)

         "Om Sahana Bhavathu, Sahanao Bhunanthu,
                  Sahaveeryam Karvaa Vahai,

           Tejaswee Naava Dheeta Mastu Ma

                  Vidvisha Vahai

            Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

Translation:        May He protect both of us
                            May He nourish both of us
                            May we both acquire the capacity
                            (To study and understand the scriptures).
                             May our study be brilliant
                             May we not argue with each other
                            Om peace peace peace.

Brief Explanation:      At the beginning of a class, the teacher and students generally recite this peace invocation together.
                                    Both seek the Lord's blessings for study that is free of obstacles such as poor memory or the inability to          
                                    concentrate or poor health. They also seek blessings for a conducive relationship, without which  
                                    communication of any subject matter is difficult. Therefore this prayer is important for both the teacher & the   

<< I don't have the guts to even try to elaborate on the meaning of 'OM', so I've intentionally left it untouched. .>>

Cheenu, I want you to explain this when you have recovered completely,  (the suspense kills me)
Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/17/12 1:50 AM
dear Prema,

thank you very much for your (நீண்ட நாளுக்குப் பிறகு வந்த ) mail.
i will pass on your best wishes to Arunadevi.
Re: happy news Santhanam 11/17/12 2:20 PM
Dear Kalyani,
Please accept my belated greetings. I was  in Wai, Satara dist.with family between 15th and 17th. for a short break. Just got out of bus.Congratulations and best wishes Ms.Arunadevi.
Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news Kalyani Chandramouli 11/17/12 10:03 PM
thank you Santhanam.
i will pass on your aashirwadam to Arunadevi

Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news rajalakshmi patrachari 11/18/12 5:03 AM
Hi Kalyani,
Yes it is never too late to learn . First thanks to cheenu[numboodhri, only this address makes me feel that I am talking with my old class mate] for kindling our memories and interest and thanks to Kalyani for leting us know the meaning of it so clearly
Re: happy news TN Vishwanath 11/19/12 12:54 AM
Dear Kalyani,
congrats for arunadevi and also to youfor this excellent work done
Re: [SIES 1969 Batch] Re: happy news Sitha 11/20/12 6:31 AM
Congrats to you and Mouli and to Arunadevi. Great work both of you are doing to give confidence to the blind (very able) children.