Nodeshot & cjdns integration

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Nodeshot & cjdns integration Dan Ryan 9/2/12 3:21 AM
Forwarded by Dan Ryan


i'm the one of the developers of nodeshot. I'd like to get in touch with somebody of your community that can code with python.

It would be cool to write a scripts that is able to generate the network link topology by reading CJDNS.

I don't know almost anything about CJDNS but i'd be happy to know more and help you in making nodeshot able to interact with it.

Please forward this email to your mailing list.

Re: [seattlemeshnet] Nodeshot & cjdns integration Finnian Herzfeld 9/2/12 9:44 AM
Ohh snap. that could be cool. How do we get in contact with him?
Finn Herzfeld
 (503) 662-2288

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