Plugins through http auth proxy?

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Plugins through http auth proxy? DXH 8/30/11 6:39 AM
Is it possible to install plugins through an http auth proxy?  I tried
doing this:

EXTRA_JVM_ARGUMENTS="-Dhttp.proxyHost='' -
Dhttp.proxyPort='8080' -Dhttp.proxyUser=myusername  -

But I still see 407 errors from the log output.  It tells me that scm-
manager is using the proxy host and port but not the username/

IS THERE a way to download a plugin manually and install?  Is this
documented anywhere?
Re: Plugins through http auth proxy? Sebastian Sdorra 9/1/11 11:56 PM
You can configure a Proxy-Server, go to Config->General. Configure
your Proxy with the settings "Enable Proxy", "Proxy Server" and "Proxy
Port". Do you use a proxy with authentication? This feature is missing
at the moment, but i will try to add this.
At the moment it is not intended to install plugins manually. Which
plugins you would like to install? I could explain how to install this


2011/8/30 DXH <>:

Re: Plugins through http auth proxy? Sebastian Sdorra 9/3/11 8:59 AM
Could you please test this version:

This version has support for proxy servers with authentication.
Unfortunately i could not test the feature because have no proxy


2011/9/2 Sebastian Sdorra <>: