ANN: ScalaCheck 1.9 released

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ANN: ScalaCheck 1.9 released Rickard Nilsson 5/12/11 8:11 AM

 I have now released ScalaCheck 1.9, built with the brand new Scala


 ScalaCheck is a powerful tool for automatic unit testing of Scala and
 programs. It features automatic test case generation and simplification
 failing test cases. ScalaCheck started out as a Scala port of the
 library QuickCheck, and has since evolved and been extended with
 features not
 found in Haskell QuickCheck.

 The main features of ScalaCheck is:

   * Specifications are written directly in Scala, using combinators
     from the ScalaCheck library.

   * Properties are tested automatically, with test data generated by
     ScalaCheck. Data generation can be precisely controlled, and
     of custom data types is simple to define.

   * Failing test cases are simplified automatically, which makes
     error causes easier.

   * Support for stateful testing of command sequences, and
 simplification of
     failing command sequences.

 ScalaCheck 1.9 introduces a number of bug fixes and a couple of new
 Some serious bugs were fixed in the Commands module. Also, some changes
 been done to support Scala 2.9 properly.

 ScalaCheck links:

   * Project site

   * User Guide

   * API documentation

   * Mailing list
     See for information and

   * Installation with sbaz

     sbaz update
     sbaz install scalacheck

     If you already have an earlier version of ScalaCheck installed, you
     just need to run:

     sbaz upgrade

   * Binary JAR

   * Source JAR

   * Source repository

   * Maven repository at

     Add this to your pom.xml:

          <name>Scala-Tools Maven2 Repository</name>