Some basic infrastructure

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Some basic infrastructure Michal Bigos 8/19/12 12:08 PM
Hi all,

I've created account for our group at GitHub. There we can place some code from our sessions.
You can find it at Just create an account, if you don't have one yet and I add you to an organization account. Currently I'm the only organizer.

I chose GitHub, because I have a long and very good experience. In future we can use also GitHub Pages for blog or built in wiki, but primary usage has to remain VCS.


Re: Some basic infrastructure 8/19/12 9:54 PM
And this is our wiki page in MetaLab. For those of you who haven.t been there yet - free wifi and beamer.
Re: [scala-vienna] Re: Some basic infrastructure Alex 8/19/12 11:31 PM
Thanks Radim for the very nice ASCII-art on the Wiki-page