Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists

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Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists mike perez 9/17/12 8:41 AM
The Lullwood group is a group of artists based in the nearby 107
Gallery (107 Lonestar). For those interested, they are having a call
for artists for Oct 13. Below are details.

    Bring Your Own Beamer - San Antonio, Texas. The Lullwood Group &
Norberto Gomez Jr present a one-night exhibition featuring artists and
their beamers (projectors).

    A call to all artists: Do you utilize projection in your work? Do
you have your own projection device and would like to be a part of
BYOB-SATX? If so, please contact The Lullwood Group at or for details.
    BYOB is a series of one-night exhibitions hosting artists and
their beamers (projectors). All artists are invited to show work
during BYOB-SATX, with the only requirement being they provide their
own projector (open to interpretation) and work. Installation is
free-form, with artists reacting to the space and their fellow beamers
throughout the night. First initiated by Rafaël Rozendaal in 2010,
over 80 BYOB events have taken place throughout the world, from Berlin
and Tokyo, to San Francisco and New York City.
BYOB-SATX is facilitated and organized by The Lullwood Group of San
Antonio and Norberto Gomez, Jr., an artist and writer based in
Richmond, Virginia.

    More details: beamers, or projectors, may consist of the typical
digital projector used by computers or your television, or that
elementary overhead projector, or a child’s toy. Other “screen”
material like computer monitors or televisions are also acceptable.
BYOB-SATX is also open to creative interpretations of the “projector,”
light & dark as medium, the moving image, music/sound/noise,
installation, and shadow-performance.
Make sure to bring your cords, dvd players, computers, vcr, etc. and
extra power strips is always helpful.


    One-night Stands –BYOB-SATX

    “Interactivity is usually a means to an end. What if it is a destination?”
    -Rozendaal, Blog Post October 19, 2010.

    To be “social” and “interactive” is redefined, and the question
is, “What is our destination?” Current interactions now conflate the
virtual with reality. With real friends now also virtual friends,
avatars and a former pseudonymous identity are seemingly in the
minority. Protests consist of animated GIFs and text-based
inside-jokes as memes, and the accepted practice is a like4like and a
share4share. Hope for viral superstardom. Buy the idea of me that I am
selling. The net/web formerly served some as an escape. The net/web
may now serve as an overwhelming glocalism, a hometown to get away
from. This is not a call for disappearance (although, acceptable), but
a critical reengagement with the connection. The destination is the
“offline” space. A time-off from the perpetual-know; an ephemeral
one-night stand. BYOB, San Antonio.

    -Norberto Gomez, Jr.
    Richmond, Virginia
    August 19, 2012

-m.a. perez
Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists mike perez 9/17/12 10:20 AM
check out these pictures of other BYOB events
-m.a. perez
Re: [10BitWorks] Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists zunkworks 9/17/12 2:59 PM
Even though it wouldn't be original, or our own work, perhaps we could setup and perform lft's awesome demo: I think he has posed the source and what not here

Or perhaps we could do some circuit bending glitch stuff with some old video game system or something.

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Re: [10BitWorks] Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists mike perez 9/17/12 8:44 PM
here is what im thinking. let me know if you graphics guys (chris,
greg, anyone else) think its doable.

Using the Kinect, render objects past a certain distance, some
threshold X, with a water effect so they look as if they are behind a
wall of water. If any object passes this threshold, then render the
effects of them displacing the water, anything from a slight ripple
for barely passing the surface to huge splashes for pushing past the
water. Once anything is closer than the threshold, render that object
in a blue light or with some other underwater effect.
-m.a. perez
Re: [10BitWorks] Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists mike perez 9/17/12 8:45 PM
maybe have a fish or something swim by as an added effect...
-m.a. perez
RE: [10BitWorks] Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists Matt Grooms 9/17/12 10:33 PM
Great idea Mike. Jeremy's fish add-on made me think one step beyond; let me
apologize before I even finish the thought.

Break out the Luminaria shirts and mod their control program to make the
shirts interactive with the software monitoring the Kinect and sending the
'water effects' images to the projector. In effect the Luminaria shirts also
become reactive to the Kinect "how close are you threshold" for passersby.
Whenever a passerby exceeds the threshold "X" and the effects are rendered
on the projected image, also make something new, big, different happen on
the Luminaria shirts. The more the Kinect threshold 'X' is exceeded the more
excited the shirts become.

Net result, you have this cool watery projected rendering of folks passing
by complemented by the L-shirts reacting to the same stimuli.

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RE: [10BitWorks] Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists mike perez 9/17/12 10:40 PM

That its a great idea!

Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists Craig 9/18/12 4:55 PM
Well, simpler effect would be to have a secondary
"night vision" camera caputure an image of the
thousands of tiny beams of infrared light sent
from the unit to track movement.  Then render that
into the "water" scene w/ ripple edge effect.
Obviously the night vision camera would have to
be in a position to view the "blockage" of the
kinetic scans relative to the objects/persons
that the "water" should surround. ("the threshold")
I suppose the challenge would be to remember the prior
"dark spot(s)" && create ripples based on the rate of
change from dark spot movement.  More change in one area,
grater number of ripples. :)  Suppose one could extend this
so that for a given area, the more frequent the collisions
between ripples, the "lighter" or conversely the darker the
color area becomes.

Why not OpenCV && friends?

Some kinetic sites that might be of interest:

Perhaps a laser projecter project && kinetic :


> mike perez Sep 17 10:44PM -0500 wrote:`
Re: [10BitWorks] Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists Greg Bluntzer 9/18/12 5:48 PM
Got Java and Kinect talking

I followed. 

On Ubuntu 

I used the binary for the api
Compiled for the other two
Had to do a reboot.

-GregGreg Bluntzer
Re: [10BitWorks] Re: Check out the Lullwood group; call for artists Greg Bluntzer 9/18/12 8:20 PM
Now have it working inside Jmonkey. Real Time Texture on the Cube :)