Secret Knock?

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Secret Knock? Donald Greer 10/8/12 8:43 AM
  Hey, guys, this sounds like a cool deal.

  I don't know if this would be a good replacement for the card-reader project, but these seems appropriately geeky for the Space.  Maybe as a physical lock backup to the mag lock?

"I don't necessarily believe that software should be free, but if you pay for it, it should work." -- Me
Re: [10BitWorks] Secret Knock? kc 10/8/12 8:51 AM
It's all possible... As soon as we get our butts in gear...

Me, I've been just destroyed since my truck transmission went out on me.

Otherwise, I'd have the steel over the door and be knocking on Jeremy's door to continue the project!


I hacked off the errant mount over the weekend. In the interest of getting it done in this lifetime, I am back to finishing the frame I originally made. I'm caring less and less about it not being perfect with each passing day!

I am certain that it will more than work and work well!

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Re: [10BitWorks] Secret Knock? Donald Greer 10/8/12 9:09 AM
  Actually, thinking about this, it seems one could place transducers in multiple locations on the door, say in a grid pattern like a key pad, and you could then enter a personal combination by knocking the correct places on the door.  Every member could have their personal code and you could see who unlocked the space at any given time.  A simple alarm sensor could tell when the door is closed and the deadbolt could be closed and the system reset automatically.
  Just for fun, you could paint the key pad on the door... in Klingon ;^).