Package a bundler-1.0 gem file

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Package a bundler-1.0 gem file Marlin Pierce 4/25/12 11:27 AM
I have a production machine where there is no access out to web servers and no compiler, both by policy.

I have installed bundler-0.9.26 by going to a development machine with web access,
doing a bundle package, copying the .gem file and doing a gem install bundler-0.9.26.gem.

However, now I need to install bundler 1.0.13, but when put the bundler version in the Gemfile
and do a bundle package, there is no bundler gem file in vendor/cache.

How can I install bundler 1.0.13?

BTW, this is all to avoid the following error, so is there another way to fix the error?

    uninitialized constant Gem::SilentUI (NameError)

Re: Package a bundler-1.0 gem file Andre Arko 5/4/12 7:03 PM
Get the .gem file by running `gem fetch bundler`. Then copy it to the machine and run `gem install bundler-1.1.3.gem`.

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