The Great Bundler Triage

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The Great Bundler Triage 8/6/13 7:35 PM
There are currently 248 open issues on the bundler issue tracker, some dating back years. It is not a useful tool for us. We are going to be applying the following triage process:
  • Move feature requests and discussion to a new bundler-features repository. None of the core team are actively working on features right now, if you have a feature you really want to see - time to roll your sleeves up! We can help you get started.
  • Closing bugs without a repo on latest minor version, asking for updated repro.
  • Close small suggestions, asking for a patch.
  • Close any old tickets with no activity.
This will leave the bundler issue tracker for actionable bugs only, which will be a useful tool.

Xavier and the Bundler Team

P.S. We'll also be simplifying the label structure in the process.