Group launches a "Crunchbase for civic tech"

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Group launches a "Crunchbase for civic tech" Tyler Dukes 12/20/11 9:33 AM
This is still in beta, but Civic Commons just made public its Marketplace, a site to track the deployment and use of civic software. They're calling it the "Crunchbase of civic tech." Here's a quick rundown from the marketing coordinator:

At its core, the Marketplace is a collectively created wiki of civic software; a shopping mall of sorts for government personnel to search and find civic software that best fits their city’s needs. The hope is for the Marketplace to become aggregate of the nation’s municipal IT applications and a forum for sharing software solutions.

Seems useful for developers and government officials, especially once they start adding in more cities (as it stands, nothing from my backyard is in the system yet). I imagine this would be of particular interest to the people running CityCamps across the country. Thoughts?