Getting old approvals with JSONRPC?

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Getting old approvals with JSONRPC? Jochen Seeber 4/26/12 2:40 AM

we're using JSONRPC to automate Gerrit, and need to access all "old"
approvals, i.e. approvals of patchsets that are not the newest one.

Using ChangeDetailService.changeDetails does not give us those, as it
returns only approvals for the newest patchset. If an earlier change
was reviewed with a +1 by a reviewer, the approvals only contain an
entry with value 0 for the newest patchset, not the +1 for the earlier

We also tried using PatchDetailService.userApprovals, but the
approvals array is always empty in the result. Shouldn't this return
all approvals?

If not, is there a way to get the full approval data of older


Re: Getting old approvals with JSONRPC? Conley Owens 4/26/12 8:52 AM
Not sure what the best way is, but doing something like this will work:
curl -s "<you-change-id>"
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