Redis 2.8.0 is out!

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Redis 2.8.0 is out! Salvatore Sanfilippo 11/22/13 1:59 AM

after almost one year of work finally we have a stable release of Redis 2.8.0.
The following of this email contains some information on new features,
stability, and so forth.

What's new?

The big features of the new Redis release are:

* Partial resynchronization with slaves. It is no longer needed to
transfer all the data set from the master to the slave if the link is
interrupted for a short time:
* IPv6 support.
* Scripting improvements (EVALSHA replication).
* Better key expiring algorithm.
* Keyspace events notification via Pub/Sub:
* Better consistency support with the ability to stop writes if there
are not at least N slaves that are not lagged more than M
* A number of additional small features and bugs fixed.

About Sentinel

Redis Sentinel was rewritten from scratch to be more reliable. Redis
2.8.0 contains the new implementation, and every patch release of
2.8.0 will include the updates. Basically Sentinel is as usually kept
in sync between stable and unstable branches.

Redis Cluster

Redis 2.8.0 does not include Redis Cluster, that is part of the unstable branch.
The goal is to release an RC1 of Redis Cluster at the end of this
year, as a first release
candidate of Redis 3.0.


Thanks to Pivotal for sponsoring the Redis project in a sane way,
allowing me to work on Redis with absolute freedom: this is really
contributing back to OSS as a company in my idea.

Thanks to the awesome Redis community that is very supportive and
creates an ecosystem in which users don't feel alone, but supported
and part of a collective effort.

Thanks to everybody that contributed to this release with code, fixes,
ideas, answering questions here in the mailing list, maintaining
servers, making changes to code base, and everything else
that helped the project.


Salvatore 'antirez' Sanfilippo
open source developer - GoPivotal

We suspect that trading off implementation flexibility for
understandability makes sense for most system designs.
       — Diego Ongaro and John Ousterhout (from Raft paper)
Re: Redis 2.8.0 is out! Salvatore Sanfilippo 11/22/13 2:06 AM
I forgot to include some note about reliability.

Basically in the previous release candidate, and in the new release,
there are no critical bugs at all.
This means that the rate at which critical bugs are discovered,
despite the big increase in 2.8 adoption after the RC, is starting to
be very related.

This is when I usually say, ok, this is stable. Of course this does
not mean that there are no bugs as this is an impossible goal to
achieve, but that:
1) Bugs are rare enough.
2) Bugs are especially rare in the code and set of states touched by
most Redis users.

Re: Redis 2.8.0 is out! Yiftach 11/22/13 2:44 AM
Great improvements for the Redis offering Salvatore - well done ! 

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Yiftach Shoolman
Re: Redis 2.8.0 is out! mindreframer 11/22/13 3:19 AM
Cool! Really-really cool! Love the SCAN command! :)
Re: Redis 2.8.0 is out! Mark Martinec 11/22/13 5:21 AM
> Cool! Really-really cool! Love the SCAN command! :)

Indeed, the SCAN and IPv6 support are greately appreciated, thanks!

Re: Redis 2.8.0 is out! Thomas Fritz 11/22/13 6:40 AM
Congrats to your continuously great work on redis - thank you for this great release and this great OSS project!
Thanks to Pivotal for making this possible!!


Am Freitag, 22. November 2013 10:59:38 UTC+1 schrieb Salvatore Sanfilippo:
Re: Redis 2.8.0 is out! Payam S 11/22/13 11:16 AM
Lots of great improvements! Thanks Salvatore!
Re: Redis 2.8.0 is out! prabeesh k 11/22/13 7:52 PM
Congrats, great to see the  IPv6 support.