Wednesday 9/12

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Wednesday 9/12 James McTeague 9/8/12 7:16 AM
Hey guys! I'm putting out the call once again for GMs for this Wednesday. If you are interested ( and not currently playing in the module), please email me and let me know.
Re: Wednesday 9/12 James McTeague 9/9/12 6:49 PM
We need one more GM for wednesday. Any volunteers would greatly be appreciated!
Re: [Redcap's Corner PFS] Re: Wednesday 9/12 Rudy Henkel 9/9/12 7:40 PM
I can do it, provided it can be applied to a 5th, or a 2nd level character.
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Re: [Redcap's Corner PFS] Re: Wednesday 9/12 wyld windsworn 9/9/12 7:42 PM
i would and have things prepared, but am committed to finishing out your multi-week mod. sorry cannot help.


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