Play Festival (UK) 15-19 Aug 2012

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Play Festival (UK) 15-19 Aug 2012 bluecat 3/2/12 6:57 AM
Play is back! Last year was so lovely that we couldn't help but want to do
it again. 5 days of every sort of circus you can think of, plus an epic
range of workshops (last year we had over 200) in everything from
'beginners aerial silks' through 'creative ideas in 1-4 club manipulation'
to 'advanced chocolate eating'. All of this in a gorgeous, gorgeous
location in mid-wales, with loads of shows, loads of music, tasty food,
and a dawn chorus of melodic sheep.

Info and tickets are here:

updates will happen gently between now and August - looking forward to
seeing you there.

Rob and the Play Team.

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Re: Play Festival (UK) 15-19 Aug 2012 Rob T 5/31/12 4:03 PM
Hmmm. Thought I'd replied already to this but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. oh well..

Anyway; There are load of updates and tickets over at, with more info on shows, workshops, open stage applications, and lots more.. All earlybirds have now gone, I'm afraid, but we've still space for a few more in our lovely venue in Wales.

Here's a small taste of last year to tempt you along:

And a little something that will be there this time around, Kev from the No Sweat crew:

See you in August :)
Re: Play Festival (UK) 15-19 Aug 2012 Rob T 7/9/12 6:11 AM
Lots of updates over at including more amazing acts, epic choons, and a deadline for online ticket sales - get 'em while you still can...:

Loads of great juggling planned this year, so don't worry if you're thinking: 'It's not a juggling convention. How will I cope?'

Here's a tiny taster of some saturday night bounce.
Re: Play Festival (UK) 15-19 Aug 2012 Rob T 8/10/12 3:39 PM
Last update from me before heading to site..

Loads of new stuff over at, we're really massively excited to be heading there in a couple of days and opening doors on wednesday.

Online tickets stop being sold at 8pm sunday :)

see you there!