"real" food found in Anaheim!

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"real" food found in Anaheim! Glenn S. Tenney 7/26/87 1:22 PM
Don't know what happened, but the 1st posting missed, here it is:

My family and I just spent a long couple of days at Disneyland eating what
can only loosely be called edible.  When we left, we were headed to San
Diego and encountered a restaurant called "Johnny Rebs' Southern
Smokehouse" just before we got onto the freeway.  Although it was about
lunchtime, the kids still wanted breakfast and the sign calling for
Southern Breakfast drew us to pull in.

Maybe we had experienced such awful "food", but we were pleasantly
surprised to find real food so near to Disneyland (and the Anaheim
Convention Center).  We were so pleased, that a few days later on our
way back from San Diego, we stopped there again for lunch.  Looking
back, we still feel the food was very good and do recommend it for
visitors wanting real food.

This place is at 150 E. Katella Ave (on the right, just before you get
onto hiway 5) in Anaheim (714-535-REBS) about a mile or two from
Disneyland or the Anaheim convention center.  This location is a few
weeks old, but they have another place in Long Beach that's been there
a couple or 3 years.

The kids had breakfast -- "pig out" three buckwheat flapjacks (huge),
two eggs, and one had bacon (nice thick-cut, real bacon) the other had
sausage (two large patties of real sausage, maybe homemade?) -- $3.95

We had BBQ chicken ($4.25) and BBQ pork ribs ($5.95).  My wife couldn't
eat all of her chicken (a leg and thigh were left over) while I DID eat
all of the ribs (there weren't many, 4-6 small ones).  The normal BBQ
sauce was ok, the meat very nicely smoked.  They also offer North
Carolina BBQ sauce which was interesting (very runny, vinegary, and
nicely spicy).  You also get a sample of Brunswick stew (a tad
sweet, but very nice), homemade biscuits (yep, really made by them),
and choice of two of Southern slaw/Cajun Rice/BBQ beans/ fries/greens.
Between the two of us we didn't try the fries, but everything else was

On our return trip, the kids had the BBQ Sausage link sandwich with BBQ
beans and a sample of Brunswick stew ($3.75).  I had the Lousiana
seafood gumbo over rice with hushpuppies ($4.85) which was very good
(lots of shrimp, fish and okra amongst the ingredients) and nice and
spicy (I like it spicier, but...).  My wife had the blackened red
snapper (yup, we actually had something "blackened") which was very
good, not at all salty, and nicely spicy with rice and hushpuppies

Over the two meals there we also tried some of their cornbread (great,
a nice huge serving), onion rings (hadn't had real homemade ones in a
long time), and of course grits (they come with some breakfasts, but
unlike some places I've been they don't force them with every dish).
The coffee was actually good, with that nice flavor of chicory (or was
it cinnamon?).  We didn't try the desserts, but they claim their pecan
pie and key lime pie are made right there!  The mocha chocolate pecan
pie sounded tempting, but we were full and took the leftovers with us.

The peanuts on the table and shells on the floor with the friendly
atmosphere made it a nice place to eat.  All in all, a very nice place
at VERY reasonable prices (the most expensive meal would be the Bourbon
steak at $6.95).

Sorry this was so long, but in a wilderness of good food it was nice to
find an oasis.  If you followup to this article, think carefully about
which groups to include.  I've sent this to the newsgroups I thought
would be most interested especially with SigGraph happening right

Glenn Tenney

Email me if you go, I'm curious if our palates were deadened by all of
the awful "food" we had on our trip.  My wife and I discussed it and
decided it really was a good place and would go back again!