Firmware 1.8.1 Updates and Tutorial

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Firmware 1.8.1 Updates and Tutorial Ray 9/27/12 8:55 PM

(I can't seem to modify the title of an existing post, so I am re-posting the previous announcement with updates).
I've just checked in an updated Firmware 1.8.1 to GitHub. This update is based on the feedback and issues reported during the past week. Here are the specifics:

- Added minor firmware number (e.g. 1.8.0, 1.8.1) to help track updates in between major releases. The first minor revision is 1.8.1
- Changed RTC sync interval to 1 minute to provide more accurate mcu timing.
- Fixed a bug that causes some option values to not decrease in Setup Options using buttons.
- Fixed a bug that causes master valve to not activate in manual mode.
- Removed parallel running mode due to a temporarily unsolvable bug (program memory limit) and the relatively rare use of parallel running mode.

If your OpenSprinkler is running Firmware 1.8, whether it's pre-loaded or you have updated yourself, please update to the latest version. Firmware update instructions are at:

Also, I've posted a video tutorial for those who want a video guide on how to use Firmware 1.8:

Thank you!