Webinar on Rattle and PMML and ADAPA: 22 Feb 2011

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Webinar on Rattle and PMML and ADAPA: 22 Feb 2011 Graham Williams 2/3/12 8:14 PM
You are cordially invited to a global webinar on:

Predictive Analytics Deployment with Rattle, PMML and ADAPA

Rattle is R's Graphical Data Mining Plug-in aimed at those who want to execute some of the world's most cutting-edge data mining algorithms without having to write code.  Also, Rattle can easily export its predictive models to a universal XML-like model format called "PMML" so the models can then be integrated into Business Intelligence (BI) systems and Business Rules Engines.

ADAPA is the predictive analytics deployment software that ties everything together by integrating PMML and Business Rules inside a web-service that can be deployed on-site or in-the-cloud.  This web service can then "score" your data and send predictions back to your BI system in a cost-effective manner that does not require the purchase of "additional" analytics software licenses.   

Webinar Panelists:
- Mr. Ray DiGiacomo, Jr. of Lion Data Systems
- Dr. Graham Williams of Togaware
- Dr. Alex Guazzelli of Zementis

- Ray DiGiacomo, Jr (Intro to PMML) 
- Graham Williams (Intro to Rattle, Rattle's New Features, Generating Healthcare PMML files with R)
- Alex Guazzelli (PMML 4.1, Intro to ADAPA)
- Q&A

Visit Linked In to RSVP: http://linkd.in/yF43TO

This webinar will be sponsored by The Orange County R User Group and will occur on 22 February, 2012 at 11 am Pacific Time. 

That is, for example, 6am Eastern Australian Time, 23 February 2012.