TBoS 2nd edition - prelim orders

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TBoS 2nd edition - prelim orders Mark Tarver 1/4/14 10:02 AM
TBoS 2nd edition is complete and the first order goes off Monday.  If you

a. bought a copy of the first edition off me personally (I'll have signed it, you'll know)
b. want to buy the 2nd edition at a reduced price

then write to me personally and I'll tell you what to do.  You need to do this before the first order which goes off in 48 hours because the size of this order will be determined purely by your email. I want to step on the gas here; so the book will be coming out for everybody shortly afterwards at the regular price (which should be pretty close to the first edition). 

I'm pleased with the 2nd edition which really contains a lot of material - > 500 pages under the old format (print is shrunk to 10pt not 11pt) and the quality is improved.

After the book is released I will be going to seriously look at funding. I had a long chat to America to a director, and one question was the quality of documentation.  Hence I want to get the book out before taking this direction.  

Nearly forgot ....

Happy New Year to all of you.  I hope your dreams come true.

Re: TBoS 2nd edition - prelim orders Jacob 1/4/14 3:18 PM
I wish for Shen on a primary platform that is popular... I just had to...
Re: TBoS 2nd edition - prelim orders Mark Tarver 1/6/14 4:49 AM
:) We'll see.  Right - thanks for all those whose mailed in to take advantage of the offer.   I'm phoning in your orders today.  Because they have to send books to me and I have to send them to you, it is likely that some people who order direct from the publisher (see below) will get their books a few days before you.  The publisher is v. efficient - its their business after all.

For everybody else, the link to the book will become active in the next few days and you can order direct from the publisher.  

Re: TBoS 2nd edition - prelim orders Mark Tarver 1/7/14 8:26 AM
As you might of gathered - the order was placed yesterday, so personal orders are closed.