Window onResize event

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Window onResize event joaojonesventura 9/11/12 1:41 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm doing a web app where a widget of mine will be a canvas element. The canvas will be dependent on the size available for the panel where the canvas will be placed.
I have already submited a patch to get the clientWidth and clientHeight of a UIObject, and hope it will be accepted there.

However, I need to "catch" resize events to update the canvas width/height. I've searched and it seems that there is no HTML way to catch resize events on single elements, just when the entire window resizes. I can't find any pyjs example or wiki entry which shows how to add a resize listener to a window. Anybody knows how to do this in pyjs?

João Ventura
Re: Window onResize event joaojonesventura 9/12/12 7:07 AM
Solution found.. :)

I will make an example/tutorial of what I was asking, should anyone need that too..