Recurring Date Suggestions?

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Recurring Date Suggestions? Craig 2/21/12 2:00 AM
Hey all, thanks for joining.

Any suggestions on a recurring date?  Maybe the 3rd monday of each
month?  (Just throwing that out there as a straw man).

I'm going to update to remove "Columbus" and add "San
Francisco", then I'll send an email out to a few lists to publicize
the event.

Just curious, are you all more interested in pairing with coders or
idea people (the idea people would be tech-savvy people with a web
idea they'd like to collaborate on).  Either way, the ground rules of
the group will be that there should be no commitment expected beyond
the 2 hours.  That way you can make a new contact each meeting.


Re: [protonight] Recurring Date Suggestions? David Doolin 2/21/12 7:42 AM
Third Monday is perfect for me.
I'm fine pairing with coding or idea


Re: [protonight] Recurring Date Suggestions? Will DelHagen 2/21/12 8:26 AM
Monday nights are the only nights that don't work for me.  

Do you have a space lined up?  I can offer 1000 sqft in SoMa with internet and a kitchen/break room.  Right now we only have 9 office chairs and about 7 desks/tables, but could get some more.  We have plenty of room.   As above, until May I can do any evening except Monday.  

It's on 8th St. between Folsom and Howard.  


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Re: [protonight] Recurring Date Suggestions? Millie Tadewaldt 2/21/12 8:52 AM
Any night mon - thurs could work for me. I am a developer and an idea person. 

I can also offer a space: 2300 sq ft, wifi, 1 big room with desks and couches, 2 smaller rooms with big tables, in Soma at 5th and Townsend 

Looking forward to it
Re: [protonight] Recurring Date Suggestions? Craig 2/21/12 1:22 PM
I guess Monday wasn't that random.  The ruby-6 hack nights are most
Tues, Wed, and Thurs nights.  It would probably be wise to not
conflict with them.  Sorry Will - sounds like you'll only miss 2 of

I'm thinking maybe the 2nd Monday of each month.  Does that conflict
with any big events you guys know of?.

Thanks for the offers for providing space! is hosting the
first one - we'll see how it goes from there.


Re: [protonight] Recurring Date Suggestions? David Doolin 2/22/12 8:26 PM
Works for me.


Re: [protonight] Recurring Date Suggestions? Mehul Kar 3/11/12 11:14 PM
I'm down for any day. I'm a newbie developer from Dev Bootcamp, just learning Rails. Would probably be more on the idea side for the first couple meetups.