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Invitation to ePSIplatform conference, March Ton Zijlstra 1/30/12 5:14 AM
Hi all,

As community steward of the ePSIplatform I'd like to invite you to the ePSIplatform 2012 conference on March 16th in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The theme for the conference is "Taking re-use to the next level!" (the ePSIplatform is the go to place for all open government data and re-use news in the EU, funded by the EC)

With open data efforts now established in countries across the EU, and the proposal for an open data strategy by the European Commission presented in December, it is time to look at the steps ahead. Building on what we learned, and what we've already created. The conference will of course discuss the new European plans for open data policy, and will also (in 12 parallel sessions) explore a long list of topics: changing local policy issues with local open data, data journalism, the internal business case for open data, increasing a sector's effectiveness with open data (such as international aid), data visualization,  open data for participation and self empowerment, licensing, pan-European initiatives, PSI Directive review, data protection and privacy, combining public data and personal data: the Quantified Self, obstacles of PSI re-use, (financing of) 'key registries', checks and balances: redress and compliance.

And of course plenty of time to connect and network!

Already over 170 participants from across the EU, as well as from elsewhere, have signed up. Join us in Rotterdam in March! Participation is free, although registration is required. You can register your participation at:

More information about the program and speakers is forthcoming, and will be published at the ePSIplatform. (If you would like to speak, do get in touch!) See 

We look forward to welcoming you in Rotterdam on March 16th!


Ton Zijlstra

community steward

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