Open House this Saturday

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Open House this Saturday Sean McGregor 4/23/12 10:51 PM
Hello Everyone,

This Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time (UTC -7) we have a development
"open house" to coincide with the launch of our new community website.
I, along with various other Privly folk, will be answering questions
and coding. Talk to us on IRC or Skype:

IRC: #privly
Skype: privly

In other news:
* Sanchit Karve developed an Opera version of the Privly extension:
* Sanchit also started development of an Android OS version of Privly:
* Jesse Markowitz is testing a web form for non-developer bug reporting
* We developed an organizational plan, that will be on the community site
* I am writing several posts for the launch of the community site

If you want to get started before we launch the community site, you
can adopt one of these development issues. They require minimal
knowledge of the system to start:
* Setup development server

* Remove Marketing Materials from Web App

* Make resource identifiers random

* Eliminate recaptcha dependency

* Update database seeds

* Make the public/private setting only accessible when the user has
share permissions

* Make token authentication record failed attempts


Re: Open House this Saturday Sean McGregor 4/28/12 2:17 PM
Thanks to the contributions of Jen Davidson and Jesse Markowitz, we
now have a live community website. Please read:

We will be on IRC for at least a few more hours, so drop in and ask
questions, or start a thread on

IRC: #privly


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