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Ready to Adopt Issues Sean McGregor 4/7/12 10:03 PM
Privly Developers,

Welcome to the stage of the Privly effort I'll label "building an
airplane in flight"

It was great hearing from many of you, and I look forward to working
with you all. I have a lot of communicating to do to get us going, and
so expect a few more emails from me in the next few days.

This email focuses mainly on issues you can adopt right now. I'll
write again soon with more extension focused issues, as well as issues
for testing, legal, marketing, documentation, and more.

Ramp Up (
These issues are short term essentials for getting things going.
* A separate web application for the bug submission system
* Setup Privly community server
* Setup development server (
* Recruit people (

Alpha (
These issues are associated with getting us to the Alpha release
* Remove Marketing Materials from Web App
* Make resource identifiers random
* Eliminate recaptcha dependency
* Update database seeds (
* Make the public/private setting only accessible when the user has
share permissions (
* Make token authentication record failed attempts

Thanks and Let's Build That Airplane,