Play 1.2.4RC3 released

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Play 1.2.4RC3 released Nicolas Leroux 11/22/11 10:54 AM
Hi all,

Play 1.2.4RC3 has been released. In this release we fixed some regressions and corrected a few bugs. Documentation has also been improved. 

Play 1.2.4 added the following new enhancements:

* Support for Java 7
* New binder implementation
* Support for composite IDs
* Better IntelliJ support

The complete list of changes is available here:

You can download the 1.2.4RC3 here:

Please download it and report any regressions and/or bugs. This should be the last release before the 1.2.4 final version if no major issues are found.

Have fun playing,


Re: Play 1.2.4RC3 released Ron Gross 11/22/11 1:02 PM

Hmm ... what does "support for Java 7" mean, actually?

I am using Java 7 with Play 1.2.3 using java.source=6 

Re: [play-framework] Re: Play 1.2.4RC3 released Nicolas Leroux 11/22/11 1:06 PM
See the release notes. You can now use things like

String a = "a";

switch (a) {

case "a": System.out.println("A");



without confusing the embedded compiler.


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Re: [play-framework] Re: Play 1.2.4RC3 released Ron Gross 11/22/11 1:14 PM
Hmm, nice.
Indeed, in 1.2.3 I only used the JDK itself, not any java 7 features.
Re: Play 1.2.4RC3 released Tex 11/22/11 2:23 PM
Hi Nicolas,

many thanks, I've just tried RC3 with my "ready to deploy" project and it works !

One little gotcha;

under netbeans 7.0.1/jdk 1.6 after the "netbeansification" command the IDE does'nt see the jars in external modules (even if I close and reopen the IDE and the project itself), if I copy the jar modules from the play/modules/.../lib folder into the lib project folder then it see the jars and there are no problems (ex. play-chronostamp-0.1.jar or play-paginate-head.jar)...
Re: Play 1.2.4RC3 released Jaime Hablutzel Egoavil 7/3/14 11:22 AM
Re: Play 1.2.4RC3 released Alex 7/3/14 10:12 PM
No the correct link for the 1.2.4 is

But we have release a some other realse 1.2.5, 1.2.6, 1.2.7 and a the 1.3.0RC1  has just been release