[2.1.0-Scala] Json prettyPrint?

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[2.1.0-Scala] Json prettyPrint? Alexandru Nedelcu 3/7/13 7:03 AM
Hi folks,

Is there any way to pretty print a JsValue using Play's API?

I like to get JSON responses from my API that are pretty printed, so I
can visualize them better in the browser.

I see there is a commit that was made 16 days ago that added
prettyPrint to the Json object, but I'd rather stay on stable


Alexandru Nedelcu
Re: [play-framework] [2.1.0-Scala] Json prettyPrint? Pascal 3/7/13 7:07 AM
Yes it was added after 2.1.0 so not available ill next version.
Meanwhile, you can have a look at the code and try to hack a bit ;)


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Re: [play-framework] [2.1.0-Scala] Json prettyPrint? Gaëtan Renaudeau 3/7/13 7:31 AM
Re: [play-framework] [2.1.0-Scala] Json prettyPrint? Alexandru Nedelcu 3/7/13 8:04 AM
Thanks Gaëtan,

Yes, I think I'll use a plugin for now.
Alexandru Nedelcu