0.10.5, details, thanks to Stan, Sam

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0.10.5, details, thanks to Stan, Sam Picky / Florian Hanke 11/3/10 4:18 PM
Hi all

Version 0.10.5 has just been released. It adds support for CouchDB as
a data source. Thanks to Stanley (github.com/stanley) for the
addition! :)
Also, the Github README has been much improved, and the version
history got its own page. Thanks to Sam (github.com/zastav) for the
reordering and cleanup of the pages!

Back in 0.10.3, the page localhost:3000/configure has been added so
that you get a nice manual right in the browser on what to do after
you've exhausted the web app (picky-client) example.

And that's it for now. Stay tuned for more :)
   *waves several pink tentacles in your general direction*