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Version 3.3.0 Picky / Florian Hanke 10/31/11 1:28 AM
Hi Pickynauts!

Since the number of mails we get has now spiked to around 5 per day, with 3 or so being the norm, we've decided to revive this mailing list.

A lot has happened in the last few months!

Then we celebrated Picky's first birthday: Let's just say that we will never drink Sochu again.

A few inspirational Blogposts:
How to make Picky more relaxed (and not using a "relaxative"):

Then, Picky discovered Twitter! He's using it mainly to fill your timelines ;) But seriously, for update announcements etc. See here:
We decided that Picky could just live in a small script (octopuses can squeeze into almost anything. No bones, you see?):

The current version is 3.3.0. The last few updates (also see include an experimental version of realtime indexes, and many updates to make Picky much, much leaner, meaner, fighting machin-er. Niko Dittmann shared a funky twitter search which uses the new realtime index. Have a look!/ende42/status/130610300167782401.

Where do we go from here?
Other search engines are a bit like a locked down version of rails. A bit on the heavy side, big, and not too flexible. We strife to be on the Sinatra side: Small, flexible, Ruby.
This is still the focus and where we want to go.
However, currently we would like to make everything still more flexible and add/improve the nice tools that surround Picky, like Clam, Suckerfish, and so on.

In the end, it works like this: User Driven Development meets Dictator Driven Development. Just tell us here what you want and we'll say no. Uh, I mean, yes. Maybe. In a good way.

Yes yes, soo much stuff has been going on. What is this "sleep" that you speak of? ;)

Hearty waving of tentacles!
   Picky, @picky_rb, collaborators (and Florian, @hanke)