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PhoneGap video conferencing Sjoon 4/6/12 6:50 AM

We are investigating if it is possible to use Phonegap in our company.
We would like to use Sencha Touch & Phonegap together to create a
video conferencing application.
At first I was pretty positive about the possibilities, but now that I
have done some tests, I see that we would probably end up creating a
very large plugin that does the video conferencing, combined with very
little cross-platform code.
This made me think that Phonegap doesn't offer a lot of advantages
(for this app). As I'm a Phonegap beginner, I could be wrong, so this
brings me to my question:
Is it a good idea to implement a video-conferencing app in Phonegap or

Re: [PhoneGap] PhoneGap video conferencing Shazron Abdullah 4/6/12 10:58 AM
Little cross platform plus very large plugin that contains all the
code usually means, no - not an optimal solution. It all depends
though, if you have to actually write that plugin or shim over a video
conf library like SkypeKit.

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Re: PhoneGap video conferencing Kerri Shotts 4/6/12 11:48 PM
Always use the best tools for your needs. Sometimes, unfortunately, PG isn't going to be the solution. If your goal is to write 90% cross-platform code, you're going to have to do without using custom plugins -- the plugins are understandably native and in totally different languages. If all you have to do is write a plugin that interfaces with a Video Conf API that exists on both platforms, that would be /easier/ (most of the work will be done for you -- you're just writing a wrapper). But if not, you may as well go native, personally. Unless you can do 100% video conferencing in HTML/JS/CSS... Who knows... canvas can do some pretty cool things... why not that? (I really don't know if it is possible... I'm guessing it would be more painful than going native, though...)

If you can wrap around a pre-existing API, try it. If you have write a lot of custom code, might be better to go native from the start.
Re: PhoneGap video conferencing Marc 4/10/12 12:53 AM
If you do decide to write it natively, this might be worth checking
out (I have used the desktop version and was very impressed)