OSX static build vs. text codecs

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OSX static build vs. text codecs Alessandro Portale 4/3/12 10:50 AM
Hi Mac users,

could someone of you confirm or contradict the description "may not
support various text encodings" on the OSX package download page? See:

You can verify it by running the autotests in the PhantomJS
repository: "phantom test/runtests.js". It would be great to know
whether the "Should support text codec XYZ" tests pass. If they don't,
we may be able to easily fix that, just like I did for the latest
static Windows build:
If the tests do pass, we should fix the warning on the download page :)


Re: OSX static build vs. text codecs lZl 11/29/12 5:38 AM
Re: OSX static build vs. text codecs Alessandro Portale 11/29/12 6:26 AM
On Thursday, November 29, 2012 2:38:08 PM UTC+1, lZl wrote:
Your patch became obsoleted?

It does not seem to have been removed. The static linking of the codec plugins is still there:
... but it is still just for Windows.

(I assume Ariya meant another patch by me which got luckily obsoleted. That was a about dirty hack against link errors.)