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the blog Sholamith 2/21/07 5:12 PM
Has anyone else mentioned to Paul and Storm that their blog hasn't
changed since October? Does anyone else want to see it updated? Hint,

Re: [Paul and Storm] the blog J. Andrew World 2/23/07 2:18 PM
Paul and who?  You mean to tell me that Paul Newman and Storm from the
X-Men have a blog!  I had no clue Paul Newman hooked up with Halle
Barry!  If they had an updated Blog I may know who these people are!

Andy, who is trying to start rumors.


J. Andrew World

Re: [Paul and Storm] Re: the blog Pammy 2/25/07 4:31 AM
Oh, Paul and Halle go waaaaaaaaaay back...
Paul and Storm, however, should update their blog too!! ;-)
Good call. Hahaha. Whatever ARE P&S up to at the moment...?