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View photos in large groups Nenad Milić 12/4/11 8:45 AM
In large groups with more than 10,000 images it is impossible to see all the pictures. Why not put the slider below, or page numbers as they have been resolved in Your Photos? First pictures that were received in the group will never have a review. If you start with the arrow keys to scroll, you will never reach the end.
Re: View photos in large groups CliveM 12/9/11 5:13 AM
In groups with large numbers of pictures I find the facility to look at the group's pictures on the map very useful. It means that you can selectively look at the group's pictures by location and it doesn't unduly favour more recent additions. Admittedly, this is less useful for groups that restricted to a particular place.
Re: View photos in large groups laurence_cox 12/24/11 8:44 AM
We have had to confront this issue in the Photoshop and Photography group (nearly 3000 members and 30000 photgraphs) and have been discussing a suggestion for an approach that could alleviate the problem. Essentially, at present one can tag photographs as an member and then filter one's photographs by clicking on the tag. If we could do the same within groups and then have an equivalent of Google's Image Search Advanced Search so that tags could be combined using Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT and ( ) for changing the order of evaluation) then this would avoid many problems and allow an almost unlimited growth in group size.

Ideally, I would like to see tags that were local to a group rather than global and the member's name available as a tag. If we added an upload date range and facility to start with the earliest or latest photograph, I think that this will cover just about all the rquirements.

Re: View photos in large groups kenfowkes 12/24/11 2:41 PM
I really like this tagging idea.  Some groups in Panoramio want a restricted gallery of only very special photographs.  But other groups follow an inclusive strategy of accepting almost all submitted photos, and these groups are attractive to people who are just starting out at Panoramio.  They are generally more active and fun to belong to, but the large numbers of photos becomes overwhelming.  It would be great to have some way for moderators to organize their group's content.  A large groups like Photoshop and Photography could, for example, have a "best-of" tag for people who want to browse only the most special photographs.  Such a tag would be like a prize for some, encouraging them to take and submit ever-better work.

I think adding some organizational tools, like tagging, to group galleries has the potential of turning P&P's hopelessly large heap of 30000 photos into something like a reference library for photo post-processing techniques.  Such things would make Panoramio more useful and popular!
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Re: View photos in large groups Ali Shaib 12/25/11 7:06 AM
I Highly Appreciate what Mr. Laurence_Cox suggested.
I suggest you start inviting your friends to see this link and add supportive comment so with many comments, Panoramio team might listen to our suggestion and bring it alive! Who knows within 2 or 3 months this issue might be used in Panoramio groups.
And adding a search engine is not a difficult issue for Panoramio team, because they already can have access to the biggest search engine on this planet with the most complicated algorithmic calculations (Google). they just have to integrate it into Panoramio and here we have it a fast and important reach tool for what we have in our groups, and this would be helped by how people Name their and How They Tag Them (By the new proposed tagging system)
This would help moderators and owners to reach specific members or photos as well as for other porposes (like a certain person want to select a specific category of photos)
I feel optimistic about this issue and i feel it would go to light but who knows when, at least we had the honor to propose it first...
Happy New Year
NB: Thanks for Mr. Draken correction! 
Ali; P&P group owner
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Re: View photos in large groups Adam Elmquist 3/5/12 11:52 AM
Great suggestions here; I like the maps idea, right now on per user basis we can click view on map, so why not for groups as well..  I also like the idea of viewing certain user's group photos as well..  Some users contribute many photos, it would be nice to zero in on them at the group view as well...

I have to say / Google Maps, and Earth have to be just about the best way for sharing photos on the net.  I am very pleased with what has became of this site, and glad to be a part of it..