What happened to edit function?

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What happened to edit function? Piero Genova 11/2/12 1:18 AM
Dear Team,

yesterday I posted my photos in TTT Contest and after some hours I decided to modify my post. You can see the result on the posts of some users on that topic (Sárdi A. Zoltán Budapest is the first in order). As for me, I deleted mine and reposted it (and I apologize if I have done a wrong thing).
But, sincerely, I don't think it is a step forward for the forum.

All the best, Piero

Re: What happened to edit function? Draken 11/2/12 6:34 AM
This is something moderators have been asking since the new forum was launched....

Moderators don't have editing options now.

The answer from the Team is the changes in the forum (Google groups platform) is not controlled by them. However, this improvement was duly asked.

Mod edit test: Draken, I can edit forum posts. Tom
Re: What happened to edit function? Tomas K☼h☼ut 11/2/12 6:35 AM
Draken, I can edit posts (as moderator - all posts, not only mine).
Could it be temporary glitch? Or user interface language dependent feature? I use English. However, I am not sure how this works for users without moderators access.
Re: What happened to edit function? Piero Genova 11/2/12 6:43 AM
@ Draken. Ok, but I mantain my opinion. As for the contests, this innovation is an absolute
minchiata (as they say where I live).
Re: What happened to edit function? herman test 11/2/12 8:31 AM
Just testing. I can edit as moderator, looking as "normal user" now.

edit: This text is edited by me as user herman test

Will try again when anyone has "answered", because it can be that editing is not possible anymore when an answer was given: (It can be done as moderator)
Re: What happened to edit function? hvbemmel 11/2/12 8:40 AM
OK being me again, test if I still can edit after answering myself

Edit; Edit function as herman test still functions despite the fact that someone (my alter ego) gave an answer)

OK coming back to the OP. Piero, behind your post it says "post reply" when you click the arrow behind that there will be an edit function (second option a pen and then edit in the language you use). Of course you can only edit your own posts (except PA moderators)
Re: What happened to edit function? Draken 11/2/12 8:47 AM
Yes, I can edit now.
However, still missing the possibility of editing titles and moving threads between forums. Alas!
Re: What happened to edit function? RoarX 11/2/12 12:06 PM
Aren't we talking about link preview in edited posts here?
Re: What happened to edit function? Daniela Brocca 11/2/12 1:01 PM
To see the problem you have to edit a post with photos.



What are that references?
Re: What happened to edit function? hvbemmel 11/2/12 11:20 PM
I opened a thread about that in the moderators "forum" some days ago, Daniela
When you edit a post, the links you used in the previous post are added as a reference. I
We ask for so many things and don´t get them, but we get some madness nobody (in Panoramio) needs.

These things are forced upon us by the people who make the groups environment. More and more so called forums are getting under this contraption, like the Google Earth community. Perhaps one of them asked for something like this.
As a Picasa user is able to use his linked photos, Panoramio still can´t. Moderators still can´t move posts or edit titles, having to delete spam instead of editing. Then we still have that, "this post has been deleted"  as tombstones between the normal posts. They added pagination that prevents you from posting. It´s a complete mess and really one of the saddest things a big company like Google could put on the market and be serious about it. It looks like a bunch of starting amateurs has gotten a playground in a billion dollar company!

I have to assume Panoramio is not important enough for the group developers to make it work how a forum should work, let alone how a forum for a photosite  should work. Above that every new website who uses this forum get´s part of what he or she thinks a good idea, IMO. That means everybody gets a measured suit that is exactly his size and we all have to wear it.

Don´t let me get started!
Re: What happened to edit function? Tomas K☼h☼ut 11/3/12 6:13 AM
Herman, I agree with most of your points. 
It is natural company like Google wants to share the development costs and therefore they want to have universal forum engine for all their products. E.g. generic engine. However, "generic" does not automatically mean: it will be unusable or hard to use as this one. Does "generic" mean "screwed up"? No, but in this case it ended up as clumsy tool.

Before we had generic phpBB forum engine, which was nicely customized (configured) to fit Panoramio needs. Maybe it was not perfect solution, but it was far better than this parody of forum (from the viewpoint of end user).

Other thing I don't understand is... how the groups functionality was "redesigned" in last two years. Some cool features were removed from groups.  From flexible tool with custom layout and colour scheme, welcome page and simple user web pages to unified flat and space wasting layout. Groups custom pages and welcome page "migration" does not provide an option to move these pages to other platform (Blogger etc). Migration provides simple web page HTML code and JPG backup utility. Even this utility was screwed up... Special national characters (like we have in our country - á,č, é, ě etc) were replaced by character "?" in  in HTML code backup.  And this new groups design is not compatible with all standard browsers (completely unusable in mobile browsers and Opera mini + we had warning with message "no more Internet Explorer in future" ). It extensively use modern browser features (read: platform specific and not fully supported and widely accepted features), but with only small (or negative) impact on user experience.

And also some other cool features are going to be removed, like iGoogle (personalized search & news & widgets page), which were supported by other party developers of widgets and themes... I cant get it.
Re: What happened to edit function? Daniela Brocca 11/3/12 1:55 PM
Yes, that of the IGoogle is really not understandable.I have my favorites themes and now I don't know how to do to have the same in the future. Could we not  protest?

Re: What happened to edit function? Tomas K☼h☼ut 11/4/12 11:36 AM
Daniela, we (me) are going off-topic with iGoogle. ;-)
Do you know authority in Google to complain about service "take down"?
Our voice is weak, but we can give it a try... voice + voice + voice + ... = ?
Re: What happened to edit function? hvbemmel 11/4/12 12:01 PM
Re: What happened to edit function? Daniela Brocca 11/4/12 1:09 PM
i signed in the petition, but I have no hope.
Re: What happened to edit function? RoarX 11/4/12 2:48 PM
I wish this forum thing could be a bit modular. The basic engine should be used by anyone, but each Google community should be able to make and use modules which is custom made for them. "Borrowing" of modules should be possible to save development costs. A button which adds a panoramio photo to a forum post with ease could be one such module, moving posts between forums capability for mods could be another module.

We have used this forum thing for like a year now, so much is unfinished yet... :((( One of the worst Google products ever.

I will miss iGoogle too :((