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Project Reviews Samantha Groves 4/15/14 3:29 PM

I want to know how you want to tackle this. I need some advice/support here. My ops goal is to get the projects listed below reviewed as soon as possible. How do you suggest we move forward with this?

2.  Project Reviews: I need the following projects reviewed using the criteria we created during our meetings and at the Summit. 

- Project Health:

- Project Quality Documentation:

- Project Quality Code and Tool:

It would be fantastic if two of you could take on the task of reviewing the projects above for both Health and Quality using the respective forms (2 reviewers per project), then creating a results report and putting it on the wiki so everyone can see your work and justifications. Alternatively, we can have a call for reviewers from the community. This is just a start, but I recommend the report having the following information (change if you feel it needs to be changed):

- Project Name

- Project URL

- Project Status

- Project Health results: both reviewers

- Project Quality results: both reviewers

- Reviewer 1 Comment

- Reviewer 2 Comment

- Results: This should answer the questions - 1. Current state of project based on your expertise, 2. recommendations for project, 3. should we graduate or not

Re: Project Reviews Samantha Groves 4/21/14 3:23 PM
I would like to get this moving along as per Sarah's request. I would like to get at least one of these projects reviewed using this system so we can have a real world case study to point back to.  

I suggest we use this Project: I need two reviewers: Johanna and Dennis? Can you help?

Action: Can you use the forms below to review this project? I feel like we are reaching a stalemate right now because we keep discussing things. As Johanna suggested, we need to start taking some action even if the action is not exactly where we want to be. It is a start. Can you take the information in Ohloh, and in their wiki page/repo to fill out the review assessments. I feel that if we do this, then we at least have one review to point to using this system. 

These are the forms: 

Please use both of these forms to fill in the data. This will be our first pass at doing a more in-depth review of a project using the ideas we have discussed. 

Thank you, guys. 
Re: Project Reviews Samantha Groves 4/21/14 3:24 PM