Task: Project Metrics Collection

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Task: Project Metrics Collection Samantha Groves 5/2/14 1:05 PM
I need one or a few of you to help me collect some metrics and add them to our project inventory spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AllOCxlYdf1AdGU4MlNpOWZsLWM2YXhpQzZLbnpndkE&usp=sharing

I need columns B and C completed for each project. I need to have each project designated: Builder, Breaker, Defender, and for column C: I need each project designated with the appropriate OpenSamm designation. 

When this is complete, I am going to need you all to go through the project wiki pages, and update the designation icons on the bottom right hand side of each project page. This is only available in the new project templates. 

Thank you