Orc Release 2.0.0

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Orc Release 2.0.0 David Kitchin 4/21/11 6:06 PM
We have just released Orc 2.0.0, a near-total rewrite of the Orc
implementation in Scala, with:

* Substantial improvements to the surface language
* Vastly improved documentation, including a comprehensive reference
* Enhanced error reporting, especially for parsing ... no more "multi
line comment expected"!
* Increased capabilities for interacting with Web services, including
XML and JSON support
* Numerous under-the-hood improvements which make the  implementation
easier for other researchers to use and extend

We encourage all Orc users to upgrade to this new version.

You can download the new version from our Web site:

For more detailed information about this release, see the News
announcement on the Orc wiki:

- The Orc Team

Jayadev Misra
William Cook
David Kitchin
John Thywissen
Brian McCord
Sidney Rosario
Amin Shali
Blake Davis