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Instructions for Applicants Sarah Sharp 4/30/13 9:34 AM
Thank you for your interest in the Linux kernel internships!

I'll be sending out this message periodically, as more people join the
opw-kernel mailing list.  Please read this whole email thoroughly.

Do you qualify?

We want interns to make sure they qualify for the OPW internship.
Read this page for more information:

The TLDR version of the requirements are that OPW interns:

 - should be over 18,
 - should be able to work full-time (40 hours) from June 17 to Sept 23,
 - should identify as a woman, or be gender queer or gender fluid, and
 - should not have participated in OPW or Google Summer of Code before.

We also want interns to speak at either LinuxCon North America (in
September) or LinuxCon Europe (in October) about your project:

You will get a $500 travel stipend to attend.  Linux conferences are a
lot of fun, because you get to meet professional Linux developers, and
there's a lot of opportunity for networking and job hunting.

How to apply

Since the kernel project joined OPW late, our application process is a
little different than what is outlined in the OPW pages.  Here's what we
need you to do:

1. Look over the list of projects at

2. Find a project there that interests you, and email the mentor.
   Introduce yourself, let the mentor know why you think that project
   would be a good fit for you, and ask the mentor any questions about
   the project.

3. Fill out your initial application, which is shown at under the "Send in an
   Application" section.  Email your application to

We'll be contacting potential applicants by the end of this week,
through this mailing list, to announce how you can make your small
contribution to the Linux kernel.  You can and should submit your
initial application without doing the small contribution.


You will have the opportunity to update your application with your small
contribution by May 17th.  Accepted interns will be notified on May 27th.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I'm looking forward to working
with OPW interns. :)

Sarah Sharp
Re: Instructions for Applicants Sarah Sharp 4/30/13 10:11 AM
One more thing to note:

When you get to the part of the application that asks these two

"Who is a possible mentor for the project you are most interested in?

Please describe the details and the timeline of the work you plan to
accomplish on the project you are most interested in (discuss these
first with the mentor of the project):"

Please review the participating Linux kernel projects listed on  Pick the project that you're most
passionate about (or two projects) and put those mentors names on the
first question.

For the second question, you do not need to provide a detailed timeline.
Instead, describe why you're passionate about that particular Linux
kernel project, and what qualifies you to work on that project.

Please note that interns may be switching between Linux kernel projects,
as we find more work, so you may work on multiple projects.

Sarah Sharp