Opera storing strang settings

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Opera storing strang settings Henning Wangerin 4/9/12 7:15 AM

I have a very strange issue when accessing a hidden site (publicly
accessible but with a secret url) from my main computer.

* All css semms to be disabled when accessing them directly. (with and
without my http-proxy enabled)
* When accessing via Opera Turbo, everything works.
* When acessing via Firfox, Konquerer or Chrome everything works.

I also have a second setup running on the same mashine, where I us a
separate private-dir. That also just works.

Is there any ideas on what I have to delete to get normal access back to
my main setup?
Have tried to delete every reference in the setting, and ofcourse
restarted the browser (I've seen strange problems i conjunction with
upgrades earlier ;-) )