license and lock-in

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license and lock-in Tom Brown 2/4/11 9:52 AM
this is just a reminder that oscurrency is licensed under the gnu affero license and NOT the MIT license.  this means that if you fork oscurrency, any changes made to your project must similarly be made public.  the landing page (the README) of the github project has always referred to the LICENSE file which is the affero license.

historically, when oscurrency forked from insoshi in 2008, insoshi was licensed as affero.  in april 2009, insoshi switched to the MIT license.  because MIT is not compatible with oscurrency's goals of lock-in resistance, we did not similarly update the license and have no obligation to do so.

this isn't a mandate but what seems to be the best path for community currency software.  alternative views, devil's advocates are encouraged!  also, if you have any other ideas on how to design oscurrency so that it is more resistant to lockin, those would be high priority feature requests.

Re: license and lock-in jdaviescoates 2/5/11 2:34 PM
Personally I rather like the "Unlicense" concept