Away3D >2.2 Compilation

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Away3D >2.2 Compilation lecochien 3/17/09 2:22 AM
I've tryed to use the last version of Away3d (2.3.3) with OpenFlux and
i've notice  that there some methods who fails the compilation :
moveTo, clone() and lookAt.
MoveTo takes 3 arguments and OpenFlux try to pass a Number3D,
clone() return void
and lookAt try to pass a clone...
The last thing i've notice is that ther is some problems to cast a
View object to UIcomponent.
I'm poor noob who try to use  the power  of the last version of Away3D
with OpenFlux... Is it possible to upgrade OpenFlux with the last
version of Away3d ? Or is it preferable to use some hack whith the
risk to loose some updates ?