Building some OER for the OBI

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Building some OER for the OBI Peter Rawsthorne 4/27/12 7:19 AM
As some already know I have taken it upon myself to start building some OER for the OBI. I've already envision the learning journey and now I am moving into focusing the curriculum and diving into the coding... I have decided to use scout badges for the anchor subject; I also have decided to build this sample code base focused on the adult earners of badges, the idea being that people who earned scout badges in the past would like to bring them into the digital world...

The question comes up, should I contact scouts Canada? Has Mozilla already had contact? Is there anything I should be aware of?

Enjoying this journey...
Re: [openbadges] Building some OER for the OBI Sunny 4/27/12 12:56 PM
Hi Peter, 

Wow, this is really great stuff. Maybe we can chat more offline.