OpenNARS-1.6.0 Release

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OpenNARS-1.6.0 Release Patrick Hammer 8/26/14 6:09 PM

May this be the discussion thread related to our newest stable release, namely OpenNARS-1.6.0,
which implements NAL1-9 for the first time.

A lot has changed and been added since 1.5.7, the changes this time can not be listed by a fixed issue list but by a feature list,
which was implemented this and last month by Pei, SeH and me:


1. NAL7 - Temporal Inference
2. NAL8 - Procedural Inference
3. NAL9 - Self-Monitoring and Self-Control
4. Term escaping: "this can be a term"

GUI: (videos can be found in SeH's channel:

Entirely new GUI especially designed for this release.
Memory View, showing the whole concept graph.
Sentence Table - making it possible to sort sentences with different criteria and also generating a graph showing how the selected ones are related.
Test Chamber, a environment which makes it possible to see how NARS behaves in different situations which one can construct on the fly.
Alternatively it is possible to start a web-Server on which the client connects to a html5-Interface.


Major refactorings and simplifications of the codebase.
Performance Optimizations.
A working testcase system currently containing over 230 test cases.
Possibility to run multiple NARS in the same VM (instancing them like one wants to) or to use it as library.
KIF importer.

Best regards,

RE: [open-nars] OpenNARS-1.6.0 Release TonyLo 8/27/14 5:22 AM

Congratulations Guys,


this is a big milestone.

Well done to you all.


All the best


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Re: OpenNARS-1.6.0 Release Patrick Hammer 8/27/14 2:24 PM
Thank you :)
There is btw. also an instance of it running on my server usable by the web interface (for those who don't want to install Java8):
However, I limited it to 1 second per thinking step so that my server will not be overloaded :D

Best regards,