[Omnetpp-l] How to use the OSPF modules

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[Omnetpp-l] How to use the OSPF modules Lukas 8/31/08 3:35 AM
I am currently trying to create a OMNeT++ simulation in a student
project and i am completely new to network simulations and OMNeT++. I am
supposed to use OSPF as the routing algorithm but have run into some

The idea is to create a module that uses the ospf implementation in the
INET Framework. My first question would be which one to use, there is
the OSPFv2 and the Quagga implementation. Which one is better?

I find myself having no idea how those implementations are supposed to
be used. The router I want to implement i supposed to give my specific
statistical outputs so I can't just use the OPSFRouter and import it
into my .ned-File. And I do not know how to extend these modules because
I do not understand how they work. They (or the simple modules they use)
do not contain the methods initialize(), handleMessage(...) and finish()
that the OMNeT-Manual tells me should be in every simple module.

So how does one generally use those implementations (perhaps one of you
has done that and can just send my code snippets) how are they
integrated into larger projects and last but not least, how does one get
traffic generators like TrafGen or ReaSe to work with the modules that
use these algorithms?

I would be grateful for every advice you have

Lukas Ruge

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Re: [Omnetpp-l] How to use the OSPF modules Javier Díaz 8/31/08 5:38 AM
Some months ago I also tried to simulate some routing algorithms, but It
was impossible
to me to make it work.

About the two alternatives, I think Quagga is better because you can
simulate more kinds
of routing algorithms, but as I said before, I couldn't make it work, so
my opinion maybe

Lukas escribió:

Re: [Omnetpp-l] How to use the OSPF modules Silvia Martin 9/1/08 2:04 AM
My advice...The first thing you should do is to understand how Omnet works and have a look to some samples like "routing",  trying to understand them. I think it is so difficult to start with INET samples because they are very complex if you don't have a clear knowledge about Omnet (it happened to me...I tried to use the Inet modules in my simulation without understanding Omnet and I almost go mad...)
After that you can use the INET modules  in your simulation but they are very complex for starting...

2008/8/31, Javier Díaz <javie...@wanadoo.es>:

Re: [Omnetpp-l] How to use the OSPF modules Karthi Keyan 10/5/12 11:51 AM

hi silvia martin
 this is karthikeyan, iam working in omnet for my postgraduate project. i learnt simple modules in omnet and i want to perform static routing, so can u suggest me ,what should i do first. i  downloaded inet framework and extracted it. but i dont know how to install and to use it in my project