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Homemade Tools ejk00 10/4/12 12:03 PM
This just might be my new favorite website:



Eric J. Kaplan                                       

Re: [OMG] Homemade Tools Brandon Norris 10/4/12 12:08 PM
Wow, these are some professional looking tools.
I will be checking this out a lot I think.
Re: [OMG] Homemade Tools Kevin Fusselman 10/4/12 12:37 PM
Please tell me they're making something with all these tools that they're making...
Re: [OMG] Homemade Tools ejk00 10/4/12 12:41 PM
More tools!
Re: [OMG] Homemade Tools Patrick Pecoraro 10/5/12 4:31 AM
+keven +1