Jeffrey Hill's new 26th OVI book

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Jeffrey Hill's new 26th OVI book lstevens 11/13/10 1:32 PM
Jeffrey Hill's new 26th OVI book is available now at or at
the web site below.

Here is my review of the book.

" A fine accomplishment that honors your ancestors and a cool
regiment. Quite detailed and written the way a regimental should be
done. Believe everyone who comes across a copy will be pleased. The
26th was formed in different areas of the state and after the war the
members scattered. They had reunions but no one from the unit did the
work of writing and publishing a regimental record.  Mr. Hill, 150
years later, has crafted a publication that would make members of the
'Groundhog' regiment proud. An arresting and informative tale of the
regiment. Covering all aspects of the history from formation to
regimental reunions, the book is quite detailed. Introducing each
Company of the regiment at the start of the book is a welcome touch.

Hill uses primary and secondary sources very well and weaves stories
and letters written by the soldiers of the 26th into the text with
fine technique. Descriptions of the actions at Missionary Ridge,
Chattanooga, Tennessee, on November 25th, 1863 had me reading the
chapter a second time.  Descriptions of battles and the humdrum
everyday life of the military are represented in a clear manner ...
All in all I'm very impressed with this book."

Larry Stevens, webmaster of  November 7, 2010

Re: Jeffrey Hill's new 26th OVI book Ken 11/13/10 8:49 PM
A very fine review from a seasoned historian.  I'll get the book.