Shell.mkdir on OSX

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Shell.mkdir on OSX Sean McLaughlin 7/16/12 7:47 AM

Shell.mkdir ~perm:0o777 "foo"


/bin/mkdir --mode 777 foo

--mode is not an option on OSX.  -m works on both.  Should we

1) change the flag (which could lead to many such changes)
2) do conditional directives as in other os-dependent modules
3) Assume Shell only works on Linux and write our own OSX Shell module?

Re: Shell.mkdir on OSX Sean McLaughlin 7/16/12 7:49 AM
Another option is to use gmkdir on OSX, from the gnu-coreutils
package, but that's another conditional.
Re: Shell.mkdir on OSX Yaron Minsky 7/16/12 2:54 PM
-m seems like the better solution.  I'll get a quick patch to that
effect into our current tree.